This Is Our Town. This Is Our Time.


'This is our Town' was a creative writing piece I slapped up on social media on Wednesday, 28th September, 2016 to show support for the Power Court and Newlands Park developments proposed by Luton Town Football Club.

Over the course of the next few days, it was shared by many Town fans across Twitter, Facebook and unofficial LTFC message boards, due to the club re-posting it on their own social media accounts. Upon the club’s promotion to League One in 2018, it was again shared and liked en masse on social media by Town fans (including the current chairman and one of my all-time favourite Luton players) - all of which left me feeling quite speechless!

A number of people enquired as to whether it was possible to get hold of ‘This is our Town’ in a higher resolution, and the answer is… sort of…

The original piece isn’t currently available in a higher resolution, as the background image is (clearly) owned by Luton Town Football Club/2020 Developments. This means that the image you see on this page is as hi-res as it gets… which isn’t hi-res at all.

I have made a few variations of ‘This is our Town’ without the Power Court background in place, but I’ve decided to hold off on posting them on here until the stadium development process is further down the line, as we might be able to make something even better than what’s currently available.

If you’ve got any ideas, queries or suggestions of your own, please feel free to contact me using this link – I’d love to read them.


UPDATE 1: Power Court stadium was approved planning permission by Luton Borough Council on 16 January, 2019.

UPDATE 2: Newlands Park was approved planning permission by Luton Borough Council on 11 March, 2019. (Subject to any opposition appeal through a judicial review.)